Closing time

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your reading, emails, likes and comments.

Just to say that I have decided to stop writing this blog – I’m finding that my perfectionist tendencies are coming to the fore and I’m thinking far too much about what I should write about and how I should express it. I think the time would be better spent reading other blogs, and listening to podcasts, such as the Bubble Hour.

I’m doing absolutely fine; no need to worry about me. If I need help, I’ll be back in touch!

All the best to you all.



3 thoughts on “Closing time

  1. We all understand. I’ve gotten to that point myself. Blogging is really just for you and if it doesn’t do anything for you but cause stress then it isn’t worth it. I have found that I drift in and out of blogging as I feel like it now. Take care!

  2. 🙂 I had the same when my first readers came along! Then I decided to keep on writing only for myself. But is was tough, and sometimes still is. Really great that you worked out how this effects you. THAT is part of the work: finding out what is going on and finding a booze-free solution to dealing with it. Great! 🙂 It is not about being perfect, although most people with addictions – including me – actually struggle with the persistant thought they need to be. It seems to belong to the addictive personality. I am not sure how to deal with it yet, but I do realise how the want/need for perfection has put an unbearable load of pressure on me. One I could only ‘deal’ with by drinking. Now looking for other ways. Hope you are doing ok. 🙂
    xx, Feeling

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